Facelifted Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Takes on New Datsun redi-Pass and Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid


The Alto 800 comes with improved exterior styling and upgraded cabin
Datsun redi-Pass stocks its layout structure with Renault Kwid
The redi-Go undercuts both Alto 800 and Kwid in terms of pricing
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
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Suddenly there appears to be lots of movement within the small vehicle marketplace. This is the very best quantity phase in the Indian automobile bazaar, and it’s far still genuinely ruled through theamazing Maruti Suzuki. We’re seeing yet every other facelift for the bestselling Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Itseems like strain from competitors like the Renault Kwid and new Datsun redi-Go is finally showing uppossibly? The present day generation Alto 800 arrived in 2012 and this replace sees a slight tweaking to its styling with what Maruti calls an aero-side design. There may be a brand new trapezoidal formed grille, refreshed headlamps, and the hood gets new individual lines. The front bumper now protrudes out an additional 35mm, which makes the automobile‘s overall duration stand at 3430mm now. Previous to the facelift, I had squared the Alto 800 off versus the Kwid, and the latter had received that contest handsomely.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Interiors get new material upholstery and door pads, and there are two new outdoors hues on provideinexperienced and blue. Maruti finally concurs that an outdoor rear view replicate on the passengerfacet need to be widespread! A toddler lock feature has also now been delivered, and so like I said itseems glaring that stress from the competition is beginning to show. the auto maintains to use itsefficient zero.eight litre motor that produces 47 bhp of energy and sixty nine Nm of torque. Maruti claims anine% enhancement in mileage at 24.7 kmpl – though that is nevertheless now not segment exceptional. And that seems real for the automobile on the whole too I think.

The Alto 800 Get New material Upholstery and Door Pads
The Alto 800 gets New fabric Upholstery and Door Pads

The maximum latest rival to take at the Alto is the all-new Datsun redi-Go that stocks its structure with the Kwid. Renault and Nissan (which owns the Datsun brand) have subsequently decided that go-badgedmerchandise will now not paintings (Duster-Terrano, Scala-Sunny, Pulse-Micra). So the redi-Cross is nopass-badged product and the commonplace platform would not display up in any respect in most of whatyou see and contact, barring some buttons and switches internal.

Datsun redi-Pass shares its architecture with Renault Kwid
Datsun redi-Go shares its architecture with Renault Kwid

The redi-Cross is quite a good searching car, with its ambitious face, big and properly sculpted headlamps, and it even has LED daylight hours walking lighting fixtures in its bumper! Seems are very subjective, but having stated that there’s no question that the redi-Cross has the most contemporary,fashionable, and modern design. The Kwid Seems wider, with its SUV-like stance coming via. The Alto –regardless of the refresh then remains the plain-Jane of the p.C.. The Hyundai Eon is any other8504ca0e3fb5bfcdbdf1e8263f0c30ef car, however has didn’t make any effect and so is being unnoticed of this shootout.

So when it comes to design, the Kwid wins on practicality even as the redi-Go trounces the alternative twowithin the beauty sweepstakes. In the cabin too the redi-Go is a lot greater fashionable and this is in spite of the truth that it is very glaringly a budget version. Plastic pleasant appears marginally higherthan the Alto’s too. but seeing the frame panel peeping through those very narrow mag racks at the doorsis without a doubt pretty a blatantly obvious cost saving measure. The Kwid has the great sense of area, and its virtual cluster is funky and contemporary. The Alto has most of what the other do – characteristicclever, but it comes across because the most fundamental and dated. The Kwid also has the biggestboot among the 3 cars.

Datsun redi-Pass and Renault Kwid Use the Same 799cc Engine
Datsun redi-Go and Renault Kwid Use the Equal 799cc Engine

Below the hood the Kwid and redi-Pass are same. each use the Equal 799cc 3-pot that makes fifty threebhp. each offer segmentexcellent mileage of 25.17 kmpl. regardless of being the Same engine because the Kwid’s, it doesn’t sound so appropriate within the redi-Pass, and usual NVH ranges are pretty sub par. The AC fan simply makes it worse due to the fact even on the first position it’s got a touch hiss to itthat is stressful. Having said that it has a reasonably efficient AC.

the alternative element proper approximately the redi-Go‘s cabin is the experience of space you get way to the more top of the roof – that is exaggerated inside the design at the outside. The Kwid appears to have better sound insulation among the engine bay and cabin, so the engine doesn’t sound as wheezybecause it does on the redi-Cross. The tools lever additionally has a greater solid feel, and on thecomplete the Kwid has got the maximum big feel of the three motors. It feels bigger than its competitorsin phrases of ways it drives too – discovering as wider – and it without a doubt handles a great dealbetter.

with the aid of assessment, the Alto has were given this tin can like sense to it. You get a whole lot ofunwanted remarks from the street. The steerage is just too smooth – with too much play. but it is the zippiest of the three – and maybe you may just put that down to the reality that Suzuki is aware of what it is doing in relation to petrol engines! It also appears to have the most effective air con that cools the carquite quickly and noiselessly.

Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid

Now for the costs: The Kwid is the maximum high-priced with marginally better pricing of 2.62three.sixty seven lakh. however its area, superior handling and customisation alternatives suggest that shoppersdon’t appear to mind too much. The redi-Move although is at the alternative stop of the spectrum, with Datsun aiming to provide a extra cutting-edge package than the Alto – similar to the Hyundai Eon first had (Eon 0.eight: three.34-4.26 lakh, Eon 1.0: four.39-4.fifty two lakh. Eon 1.zero takes on Alto K10, not Alto 800). but unlike the Eon the redi-Move undercuts the Alto on Rate. The Datsun Rate variety is 2.38-three.34 lakh, while the Alto is priced at 2.453.seventy two lakh. All prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

So the selection turns into quite clean for me. This is the maximum compelling the Alto800 has ever been, but it still takes the bronze medal right here. The redi-Pass almost does enough but falls brief on sheer driveability, and so should settle for silver. The advanced Avenue feel of the Kwid – notwithstandingits slightly better pricesconsequently takes gold and is derived through because the triumphing smallvehicle. I must add right here even though that at the same time as Maruti offers a motive forceaspectairbag as non-obligatory across all editionsit is simplest on provide within the top editions of the other two. Structural integrity of all vehicles on this segment stays suspect – because India has nomodern crash norms to speak of. So they should be visible as metropolis runabouts that are to bepushed at distinctly decrease speeds.

Tata GenX Nano AMT vs Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 AMT: The less expensive AMTs

Maruti Suzuki AltoK10 vs Tata Nano GenX

about five years ago, automobile producers have been thinking about bringing less costly cars to Indiaand that they did. since then we’ve seen a group of manufacturers like Tata vehicles, Maruti Suzuki, or even Hyundai attempt their good fortune at making a vehicle that changed into suitable for a own family of four and turned into right to drive around in town site visitors situations.

but, visitors situations within the u . s . have only worsened, and moving gears remains a venture.vehicles with an automobilefield appeared like truth as vehicle manufacturers said that the era couldhandiest make small motors steeply-priced and that they had to locate an alternative. This noticed therise of the automated manual Transmission (AMT), which was no longer handiest inexpensive, howeveradditionally served the purpose of freedom from the clutch and equipment lever.

Maruti Suzuki became the primary to convey this technology in the Celerio, and then we saw it within the Alto K10. Tata vehicles too followed this generation within the Zest diesel, making it the first sub-compact sedan inside the diesel avatar with an AMT. It changed into most effective these days that theemployer decided to deliver out the refurbished Nano and equip it with an AMT. It become an exceptionally smart pass, but is it precise sufficient? The GenX Nano AMT already has a challengerwithin the wings within the shape of the Alto K10 – which also gets an AMT. We put both these cheapAMTs within the ring to discover which one ratings higher.


Tata Nano AMT

With the GenX Nano, Tata vehicles is aiming to revive the Nano logo and function it as a more up-marketproduct. In fact, the complete marketing campaign designed for the car is to challenge it as a ‘smart citycar‘, thus disposing of the ‘reasonably-priced‘ tag that labored towards it the ultimate time. Now, with amore up-marketplace cabin, a slightly up to date engine, larger gas tank and outdoors adjustments, theagency is trying to reach to a larger target market base.

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in relation to the Alto K10, Maruti Suzuki has installed lots of effort, but much like the Nano, it is now not exactly a completely new product. the automobile sports subtle adjustments and looks most effective barely specific than the prevailing Alto K10. long story brief, it relatively more ambitious andmodernat the least in phrases of design.


each the automobiles are compact in phrases of dimensions. even as the Alto is longer and has greaterwheelbase on offer, the Nano is taller and wider. therefore, a large bloke like me is more at ease in a Nano than inside the Alto K10. The Alto feels a chunk filled and, for me, there was hardly ever any room to transport. The the shortage of area brought about the character sitting at the back of me to suffered too.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 AMT

way to the openable rear door, Tata has finally controlled to offer some boot area within the Nano – 94litres to be particular. don’t forget, the engine is at the rear and there’s simply enough area for one carry-on suitcase and 2 purses. The Alto K10, alternatively, receives 177 litres, that is pretty good as it gobbles up lots extra luggage than the Nano can.

Engine and Transmission

both the Maruti Alto K10 and the GenX Nano are best available with petrol engines. The Nano comes readywith the 624cc engine that develops 37bhp and each, the torque and the electricity figures, are notably lessthan that of the Alto K10. Maruti has geared up the K10 with a 1.0-litre okayseries unit that churns out 67bhp (a bump of approximately 29bhp over the Nano’s variety) and there may be more torque on offertoo.

Tata GenX Nano

The maximum full-size update in each motors is the AMT gearbox for the switch of power to the wheels. That stated, one have to understand the two businesses use specific phrases for the AMT; at the same time as Maruti Suzuki prefers AGS (auto tools Shift), and Tata calls it the clean Shift. however, the AMT actuator for both vehicles is sourced from the same vicinity – Magnetti Marelli, which leads one to surprisehow one-of-a-kind should they be?

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well, very distinctive. The strength and torque figures favour the Alto K10, that is why, though there’s aput off within the automobile receiving strength, it is better and greater amusing to power. Even while you shift to manual mode, the equipment adjustments are slicker and on the cash, which is wonderful if you‘re overtaking. The 90Nm of torque kicks in late at 3500rpm, and there’s a moderate put off within theenergy to attain the wheels.

The fivepace AMT within the Nano, but, has to work overtime to feed electricity to the wheels. initially, there are only 37 horses and 51Nm of torque to cope with. The torque kicks in as late as 4000rpm, and with the aid of then there is lots of whizzing (the engine appears like that) that isn’t always easy at the ears. There are small delays, and the car lurches as the gears shift.

Maruti Suzuki Alto AMT

in contrast to the Alto K10, the Nano additionally receives a sports Mode button. typically, in maximumvehicles, we see that this button corporations up the suspension and adjustments the temper of the automobile; makes it greater race prepared (perhaps). but, inside the Nano, it simplest changes theequipment ratios. where it does help is while you‘re trying to overtake or quick boost up. Being inrecreation Mode lets you preserve directly to a lower gear to get the proper burst of power.

moving on to some other important bit – the mileage. The Alto wins this one, palms down. The Nano AMT returns 21.9Km/l, whilst the Alto K10 offers a gasperformance wide variety of 24.71Km/l, for this reasonallowing Maruti to sway the consumer in its favour.


The Alto K10 and the GenX Nano are available in handiest one trim with the AMT gearbox. trust Tata to herald a few new functions to the car; the Nano comes with Bluetooth, an audio machine with audio system at the the front and rear, keyless entry and front fog-lamps. interestingly, all the aforementionedfeatures are lacking on the Alto K10. but, it does come with the front disc brakes and manually-adjustable wing mirrors that do not make their way within the Nano. each vehicles also get energy home windowson the the front.

Maruti Suzuki AltoK10 vs Tata Nano GenX


The GenX Nano has come a long manner certainly; from donning the ‘most inexpensive vehicle in theglobal‘ tag to turning into the ‘maximum less expensiveautomated automobile in India. The GenX Nano with AMT comes priced at 2.19 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and isn’t always reasonably-priced anymore butwhat it is – is spacious and the perfect size for a metropolis automobile. it’s been through a protractedadventure from the authentic version and someplace, you sense that had they released this one within the first area, the story could have been a extraordinary one.

The Alto K10 too is top notch in phrases of proportions however is extra high-priced than the Nano. The Alto K10 AMT comes priced at 3.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and although it misses out on a bunch offunctions, it still reigns in phrases of journey satisfactory and the AMT. it’s miles best within thedepartment of cabin area that the Alto suffers, but if you could live with that then the Alto K10 is right on the cash.